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急速赛车彩票官网:[Wake up] It is a violation to refuse home delivery; U.S. operator merger, $40 billion into 5G

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内容摘要:[Commission] funded body may be assignedequity securities, equity joint venture securities companies alsoCommission: Currently, qualified do...

[Commission] funded body may be assigned equity securities, equity joint venture securities companies also

Commission: Currently, qualified domestic body may transferee equity securities law can also set up equity joint venture securities companies . Recently, the China Securities Regulatory Commission is publicly soliciting opinions on the "Provisions on Securities Company Equity Management" to further improve the conditions for shareholders' qualifications and related requirements for equity management. After the regulations are issued, the SFC will further co-ordinate the overall arrangements.

[agricultural insurance pilot agricultural insurance] = Insurance futures + + + Basis OTC options to acquire

Dalian Commodity Exchange launched a pilot " farmers' income security programs ." Specifically, the "farmers' income guarantee plan" pilot includes three main pilot models. The first is the “insurance + futures” price insurance for soybeans and corn varieties; the second is the “insurance + futures” income insurance for soybeans and corn varieties; and the third is soybeans, corn, and egg varieties with off-exchange options. In addition, base acquisitions are encouraged in the main pilot model of soybean and corn varieties.

since 2015, DCE has for three consecutive years pilot "Insurance + futures" by the concerns of the community.

[the new regulations] refused to express home delivery is a illegal

China's first specialized "Express Provisional Regulations" Since May 1, 2018 for the purposes of administrative regulations express industry, for the "couriers Can refuse delivery, "" how to express the loss of the claim "and other issues were clearly defined.

home delivery - courier delivery refusal constitutes a breach of the provisions of

end sending pieces - to encourage companies to share facilities to promote smart courier cabinet

real name - false identity information express delivery companies not acceptance

Privacy - Sent leak people privacy maximum fine of 100,000

damage claims - may require the courier waybill owned enterprises or service enterprises compensation

[US] 5G two telecom operators providers merge ,400 one hundred million dollars invested

first American And the fourth largest mobile telecommunications operator T and Sprint Communications Company, today announced that the two companies way to an all-stock merger transaction , the new company plans to invest $ 40 billion business expansion and construction of 5G networks. The transaction still requires approval from the US regulatory authorities.

[pension] May Fujian, Shanghai and other places tax extension pilot pension insurance

Recently, the Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation, silver China Insurance Regulatory Commission and other departments jointly issued the "commercial pension insurance pilot carried out on individual tax-deferred notice "that, since May 1, will (including Xiamen) and Suzhou industrial Park tax extension type pension insurance pilot, the pilot period of one year provisional .

[medicine] in Shanghai, Fujian cancer drug tariff official into effect on

May 1, China's party to provisional tax All generic drugs, including anti-cancer drugs, including, alkaloids have anti-cancer effects of drugs and medicine imports have actually imported tariffs to zero . In addition, through Medicare negotiations, the follow-up measures to speed up the drug innovation, so that the people truly feel the urgent need of anti-cancer drug prices "significantly lower", all-round protection of people's health.





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